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The alarm buzzed somewhere in the distance; it felt like a soothing background to the dream. Yeah, the same dream which had become a longing nowadays — getting back to that unkempt yet cozy room at the campus.

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It seems like only yesterday when he had to deal with all the morning hustles in the hostel, the long wait at the mess, and at times racing to the cycle stand with a slice of bread — just to reach class on time. Then, after four sessions, some of them boring and some quite intriguing, heading back to the hostel for…

Stressed already, are you? (Source: Google Images)

“Come on, Jai! Get up. It is already 8 a.m.” The voice appears to be familiar, but my eyelids seem to be saddled with a hefty weight, and I feel an unwonted sickness right at the start of the day! There is a class at 8:30 a.m. during which I have to submit the assignment, for which I had sacrificed sleep last night. Without wasting much time on the morning necessities, I pack my bag and rush directly to my bicycle.

Swoosh! Goes the tire of my bicycle. How will I reach the class on time? Suddenly the thoughts of…

Food Doodle (Source-CrushPixel)

The food in NITT is like an ECG graph when the quality comes into question. Mess food can be mouth-watering for a day while it could also be quite the opposite on another day. However, with several eateries available within and outside the campus, the hostel messes sporting a full house is a rare sight altogether. Don’t get us wrong, mess food isn’t that bad, but yes, as the days go by, you will be in dire need of a change after days of regular classes. A change in the dining place usually provides this difference! …

Campus Chronicles

A twisted tale based on campus life through the eyes of allegedly the most scathing critic of NIT Trichy

“NIT, the Pride of India, the time is 5 AM,” the clock tower announces.

The melodious hourly chime of the Clock Tower

It is a cold winter morning and I am already awake. In fact, I don’t need an alarm to wake up, yet I’m sitting in my bed waiting for it to ring. As Suprabhatham blasts through it, I feel a sense of inner peace which is immediately shattered by the pillow that my roommate throws at my face, telling me not so politely to turn the alarm off. As I glance at the rest of my roommates sleeping…

A campus survival guide, with your best interests at heart

Starting your life in college can be a challenge. Every institute comes with its own perks along with some mysteries that you unravel during the journey. Lucky for you, we have compiled a small list of things you should look out for when at NITT. Feel free to follow them (or not).

1. Don’t go on trips with your friends, they’ll curb your productivity.

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The whole squad is planning a trip to Pondicherry this weekend. You, an intellectual, start thinking about how this trip will waste your entire weekend. Suddenly, you start questioning your productivity and half-heartedly you decline the trip. Three hours into the “College Trip” which you decided to chuck…

Your monthly dose of the latest in science and technology

As of writing this article, the world has been shook due to the proliferation of COVID-19, a novel coronavirus. In this special edition of the SciTech Bulletin, we take a look at this infamous virus, the causes for concern and end it with how we can try and be safe.

The Coronavirus just evolved

How do we break free of the shackles of the evolving virus? Source: Wikipedia

Life is as frightening as it is deadly, and researchers in China have discovered a fact to validate just that. …

Your monthly dose of the latest in science and technology

With the beginning of a new decade, we bring to you the latest breakthroughs in the field of internet connectivity, genetic engineering, defense tech and space exploration. With the ever-changing pace of discoveries and inventions, read on to know more about how these breakthroughs are going to take Human civilization forward!

5G — The new era of connectivity!

For nearly a decade, 5G has been in the making, and it is finally becoming a reality.

5G will transform the mobile network to not only interconnect people, but also interconnect and control machines, objects, and devices. (Source — Network world)

The fifth-generation wireless technology for digital cellular networks started rolling out in select cities a few years ago. You’ll be able to see the exponentially faster download and upload speeds with this…

Your monthly dose of the latest in science and technology

From a tiny organelle that can cure the dreaded disease of cancer to an emissary from beyond the solar system, the world of research in science and technology progresses by leaps and bounds. This edition of SciTech Bulletin brings you the most recent research conducted in biology, astronomy, chemistry, and palaeohistology.

Organelle to the rescue

This breakthrough allows accurate and focused treatment to be administered. Source: Fierce Biotech

Cancer is a disease caused by genetic changes leading to uncontrolled cell growth and tumor formation. The basic cause of sporadic cancers is DNA damage and genomic instability, and a new organelle discovered prevents it by making sure that the genetic material is copied accurately.

Scientists at the University…

Your monthly dose of the latest in science and technology

As the year draws to a close, we take a look at the recent breakthroughs in the fields of wearable technology, computing and lots more. Science is forever changing, so read on to know more!

Sensors That Fit

Wearable technology scales new heights with rubber-infused sensors. Source:

Modern medicine and technology often go hand-in-hand. In the past, doctors relied on their knowledge and subjective understanding of patients’ symptoms to make a diagnosis. Today, however, their job is made easier in several ways by medical devices. These devices work by recording measurable biological data which can be used later in the medical process. To get this data, sensors are required — sensors that…

Your monthly dose of the latest in science and technology

“Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world.”

— Louis Pasteur

This month’s SciTech Bulletin brings to you the latest developments in genetics, physics and electronics. Read on to find out more!

An interesting discovery in earth’s depths

The more we think we know about oceans, the more wrong we are. Source:

The oceans are still a source of wonder and bewilderment to humans, and somehow we have more information about things off our planet than within its depths. This tidbit of news is only going to prove that comment.

A group of scientists, very recently, have identified fin whales as a completely different subspecies than they were thought to be…

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